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PROFarm - Your partner for customised business plans in agriculture!

Welcome to our platform where we specialise in helping farms develop sound business plans and implement efficient cost accounting systems. Find out how we can work together to strengthen the financial health of your farm.


Our business plan and cost accounting services

Customised business plans

We support you in developing customised business plans that reflect your long-term goals and financial needs.

Financial analyses and forecasts

Our experts analyse your financial situation and create precise forecasts to give you a clear perspective for the future.


Cost accounting systems

Implement efficient cost accounting systems to control expenditure, optimise resources and increase profitability.

Liquidity management

Learn how to optimise your liquidity management to ensure financial stability and flexibility on your farm.

Training for your team


We offer training courses to train your team in the use of business plans and cost accounting and to raise awareness of financial aspects.

Why you should choose us



Our team of financial experts combines in-depth knowledge of the agricultural sector with experience in developing sound business plans and cost accounting systems. We are here to help you achieve your financial goals.


Contact us to learn more about how we can strengthen the financial health of your agricultural business through customised business plans and efficient cost accounting systems.


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