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Mag. Manfred Hudjetz began working as a business consultant in 1997, supporting industrial and commercial enterprises in the areas of sales, marketing, and product placement.


To expand business support even further, he co-founded Plinius Consulting GmbH in 2012, along with a partner, based in Wels, Upper Austria. In the same year, due to his extensive network, he came into contact with three farmers who were already facing financial difficulties due to the negative price development and were on the verge of business closure. Despite having no specific expertise in agriculture, he took on the challenge to assist the families and approached the situation with an entrepreneurial mindset. Within a few months, he transformed the farms, making them independent, successful, crisis-resilient, and, as he likes to put it, "fit for generations."

What was a rescue for the farmers became a calling for Manfred Hudjetz. From then on, in addition to business consulting, he increasingly took care of farmers who wanted to embark on a new path to the future. Currently, over 130 farms have been successfully supported. Over the years, the experiences in agriculture have been further optimized and developed into a dedicated agricultural development program, which we call "Agriculture with Perspective," providing farmers with comprehensive support for farm conversion.


Inspired by the success, Manfred Hudjetz decided in early 2020 not to lead the support for farmers single-handedly anymore but to create an organization with a team of partners that could meet the demand and the challenge. In September 2020, this led to the founding of PROFarm Consulting GmbH.


Caption: Ab-Hof Messe Wieselburg 2022: From left to right, Georg Ezinger, Wolfgang Leitner, Manfred Hudjetz, Markus Haslwanter

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