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PROFarm - your expert for the precise labelling of food in agriculture!

We are pleased to welcome you to our platform where we specialise in helping agricultural businesses to fully and efficiently comply with legal food labelling requirements. Find out how we can provide your products with clear and accurate labelling to build trust with your customers.


Our services in the area of mandatory labelling

Legally compliant product labelling

We support you in the correct implementation of the legal requirements for the labelling of agriculturally produced food.

Customised labelling design

Our experts design appealing and informative labels that fulfil both legal requirements and the demands of your brand.

Advice on allergens and ingredients

Get expert advice on the correct labelling of allergens and ingredients to meet the needs of all consumers.

Training for your team

We offer training to raise your team's awareness of the latest labelling regulations and avoid mistakes.

Technological solutions

Find out how modern technologies can help you to optimise the labelling process and minimise errors.

Why you should choose us

Our expertise in mandatory labelling combines legal knowledge with a deep understanding of the agricultural industry. We are here to ensure that your products are not only of high quality, but also fulfil all legal requirements.


Contact us to find out more about how we can provide your products with accurate and legally compliant labelling.

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